What protocols have been put in place to keep me safe while working for AMS Pools:

  1. All pools have PPE (masks, goggles, disposable gloves) for lifeguards to use.
  2. We have a strict policy for lifeguards to keep social distance from patrons and other lifeguards on duty.
  3. Facemasks are required on the pool deck when holding an inservice or clinic.
  4. We check chlorine and pH levels in all bodies of water every hour. We also require the lifeguard to report to their supervisor every hour on the levels.

Social Distancing– The best thing about being a lifeguard during the Covid-19 Pandemic is that 80%-90% of a typical work day requires you to sit in a lifeguard stand forcing you to keep at least 6-10 feet social distance (much more in most cases) from every patron. When off the lifeguard stand, masks are recommended but we do require lifeguards to do their best to social distance from all patrons and other lifeguards on duty.

Sanitizing: We provide disinfectant and disposable gloves, and you may wear a reusable or disposable facemask. We also have goggles that can be worn.

Orientation: You will need to bring your own facemask to your orientation.  If you do forget a facemask, we will provide one for you.  We will provide disposable gloves.  We will be keeping 6 feet distance during all orientations.

Inservice: We do temperature checks before you attend all In-service as well as maintain 6 feet social distancing guidelines. When on the pool deck we require a mask if not getting in and out of the water. We pair groups of 5-6 and have the same 5-6 people stay with each other as much as possible. This helps if there is any contact tracing needed. We do have to do full simulations in the water. This means that we do make contact (touch) when performing rescues in the water. Simulating rescues in the water is important so we continue to stay sharp with our skills.