Customer Testimonials

AMS Pools has been a true partner for the residents of Grand Cascades for 12 years. Their lifeguard training is extensive and recurring throughout the summer. The AMS management is proactive and communicates well with the pool committee to address any concerns. We can’t imagine having a better pool management company.

Bill Bridges, Grand Cascades HOA President

We Have Been using AMS Pools for Many Years & are VERY PLEASED with AMS ! They always have Us Open On time & Lifeguards are Well Trained & Do a Great Job ! I Highly Recommend AMS Pools to anyone looking for a Pool Company .

Jeff Gaston @ Apalachee River Club
Board Member @ ARC over Pool & Amenities

We have contracted with AMS for about 10 years now. Originally we were looking for savings and were happy that we could save about 20% working with AMS. But since then as a bonus we have found that the quality of their guards and managers is second to none. In fact we have had many guards come back for many years to our pool. We have a large pool and usually have 3 guards on staff during most of the pool hours. Some are young but they all have been well trained and can handle the teens as well as the adults. We also use AMS for all of our pool service needs and have had them re-plaster our pool, re-do our baby pool, and add a mushroom with water fall. Our water is always crystal clear and our pool furniture is always arranged neatly. We have had no complaints regarding their pool service nor about their guards. I feel we are in excellent hands and it takes a great deal of worry off of my back to know I do not need to regularly visit our pool and deal with details I really don't have time for. They really give us a complete turn key operation of the highest caliber. We are happy customers!

Butch Poss
Edgewater HOA presidnet

AMS Pools has been maintaining our pool and providing lifeguards for several years. We have been very satisfied with their service. This year they refinished the Pool and replaced the tile. They also refurbished the mushroom. We are very pleased, and everything looks Beautiful.

James Cannella
Lake Astoria Board Member

Our community has had a really great working relationship with AMS over a number of years. From the company management to the site manager to the life guards, AMS never disappointed. They were responsive to each and every request, while also being proactive and raising potential issues before we encountered them. I'd recommend them to other communities seeking a pool management company unconditionally!

Bob Lutz
VP and Pool Co-Chairperson (2015-2016)

AMS is a fantastic company to work with. Paul has always repaired our pool pumps rather than replace because he is a hard working honest man. Our pool pumps have far exceeded their life expectancy due to Paul's dedication to excellence. Kyle is always willing to answer his phone or return calls and send help immediately if nessasary. We have had many outstanding lifeguards because of the high expectations of Paul and Kyle over the many years that AMS has serviced our neighborhood pool. I will hopefully be building a new house soon and I will be calling AMS to build, service and maintain my new salt water pool. Honest to the core company that I highly recommend.

Monnie Allgood
Former Pool Chair for Ascot Subdivison

Paul and the Gang have been excellent in every way for our subdivision at Habersham for over 15 years. Great relationship and one that continues to grow.

Gill Mende, Jr.
HOA Pool and Clubhouse Committee Habersham at Lanier

AMS has for years done an excellent job for our neighborhood pools providing outstanding lifeguards and a high level of service.

David Stark
HOA Committee Memeber

AMS Pools have been a great partner with Ambur Cove subdivision since 2010. They installed a salt water system in our large neighborhood pool and have done a great job servicing it and our baby pool since then. Their customer service is outstanding and their staff is as responsive as one would want. They are great partners and we love working with Paul, Mike and their team. These guys are the best. Hire them now! It will be the best decision you make this year and will have a lasting effect for many summers.

Howie Rubenstein
President Ambur Cove HOA

AMS pools and their team have been a part of my community for over 12 years. They are very approachable and fast acting when an issue arises. They would be a valued addition to any community

Kathy Andrews
Manager for Sterling on the Lake CA

AMS has been taking care of all of our pools needs for 15 years. Our HOA looks at all of our contracts every 3-5 years and evaluates the performance of each company. AMS has always received the highest evaluations from our HOA. AMS has provided us with quality service consistently through the years. When repairs are needed, they have always been up to the task. Pricing has never been an issue because AMS pricing has always been fair. And when personal attention is required for any issue, Paul is always there to work it out with us. Our HOA has the highest regard for the working relationship we have with Paul and AMS. We look forward to continuing that business relationship.

Rex Walker
President, Channings Lake HOA

MorningView is a community in Suwanee that is comprised of over 1000 homes. AMS has been managing our four pools for over 13 years. We can always count on AMS for doing what is best for MorningView and taking a proactive approach in the management of the pools. AMS strives to keep our residents happy and safe with well-trained lifeguards and site management. We can count on AMS to make timely and economical repairs to our equipment with the least amount of downtime. In the event of a fecal event, AMS takes quick, safe, and efficient action to get the pool disinfected and back in use in compliance with appropriate CDC and county requirements. With a complete turnkey operation, AMS requires little input or guidance from the myself or the Board. I could not be happier with the service AMS has provided us over the past 13 years.

Larry Lamberth, MorningView HOA President