New Applicants

Welcome to our AMS Pools Employment Page

AMS Pools is the number one service and lifeguarding company in Georgia. The keys to our success are building great leaders and making safety a priority. We are looking for qualified applicants who have a great attitude, are good swimmers, and would like a summer job working for a great company! You must be 15 years old or turn 15 during the Spring/Summer of the year you start working. You can attend training classes while still 14 years old but cannot start working until your 15th birthday.

Early Bird Signup Benefit

If you attend a signup meeting before January 30th, you will be able to choose your location as long as spots are still available at that location. We have a lot of pools to choose from. If one of your selections is already filled, then we will allow you to choose another selection that has spots available. We will provide all this information at your signup meeting. Please note this is a first come, first serve basis, so do not wait and get signed up TODAY.

Step 1 – Signing up for your Summer Job

  1. Complete the online application by clicking on the button below. Once you hit submit you will receive instructions on the next lifeguard signup meeting. Make sure you write down your username and password as you will be required to log into the website before your lifeguard certification class.
  2. Attending a lifeguard signup meeting is mandatory. At this meeting you will receive your training materials and a packet of information pertaining to the job. We will explain the job in detail, explain how to prepare for the Lifeguard, CPR, and First Aid certification class, and answer any questions you may have.
  3. At the lifeguard sign up meeting, you will also sign up for a Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid Certification class (certification needs to be completed through AMS Pools). The total cost of this certification is $200. There is also a uniform cost which you will order through the lifeguard store and the cost ranges from $44.50-$54.50 depending on the option chosen for each item (Needed: swimsuit, t-shirt, whistle, & lanyard). A total cost of around $250.00.

Payment is broken out into two payments. The first payment of $100 is due at the lifeguard sign up meeting. This first payment locks the job in for you, guaranteeing you a summer job as long as you pass the Lifeguard Class!

Step 2 – Lifeguard, CPR & First Aid Certification

  1. We offer two options when it comes to paying the second payment of $100 (2nd payment for Lifeguard Certification). You can choose to either pay the 2nd payment prior to the lifeguard class or you can choose to have the 2nd payment deducted from your 1st paycheck. If you choose to pay the 2nd payment prior to the class, payment must be made online at least two weeks before your lifeguard class. Every lifeguard has to be certified before they can begin working for AMS Pools.
  2. Complete your Lifeguard Training Class, pass all tests, and sign your certification. Once you have completed this step you are ready for the summer!

Step 3 – Start Working!

  1. Congratulations! You are now officially an AMS Lifeguard.
  2. You will receive a phone call from your Area Manager in late March/early April letting you know which pool you have been assigned as well as information about your first orientation, inservice, and directions to your pool.
  3. Begin working in May!