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Welcome to the AMS Parent Information Page

AMS Pools has been providing pool services to neighborhoods all over the North Metro Atlanta area since 1997, and we are proud to say that our lifeguard training is the best of the best. We have built a reputation of providing well-trained lifeguards with a great attitude and a commitment to safety to many communities in Gwinnett, Forsyth, Hall, & Fulton counties.

Jeff Ellis and Associates ILTP Program

All of our lifeguards are certified under the Jeff Ellis and Associates ILTP Program, which is also the same program that certifies Disney World, Disneyland, White Water, Lake Lanier Islands Beach and Waterpark and over 90% of the private waterparks across the USA. Besides offering some of the best training available, what separates our program from the others is leadership and our commitment to safety. Not only do we have great leaders who work with the lifeguards, we take pride in our ability to build great leaders starting from an early age. We are constantly “grooming” our staff to take over as future leaders and have weekly inservices to sharpen the skills they have learned. This keeps them rescue ready at all times.

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How old does my child have to be to work as a lifeguard?

They have to be at least 15 years old to start working as a lifeguard. We do hire 14 year olds that will be turning 15 over the Spring or Summer. They will be trained at 14 years old and as soon as they turn 15 they will be retested and put on the schedule to work.

Where will my child be working? They do not drive and need to work close to home.

By signing up early (November-January), your child will be able to choose any of the pools that we service to work at. If they were not recruited from one of the high schools we recruit from, assignments will be based on the closest public high school to their home. We cannot guarantee a close pool assignment if they wait until mid to late February or later. Ninety percent of our staff signs up between November and early February.

My child is not very big, how can they handle rescuing someone bigger than them?

Our lifeguard training program is excellent and the guards are trained how to handle all situations, for example, a 100 pound girl is trained to rescue a 300 pound male. We hold weekly in-services which are ongoing training sessions to keep their skills sharpened.

Can my child keep a cell phone with them while they are working? What if I need to reach my child?

The use of cell phones and electronics are prohibited while sitting in a lifeguard stand. The guards take a break every hour and are allowed to check their cell phones while in the pump room during break. If you need to reach your child, you can leave a voice mail and know that they will be in contact with you within the hour. Cell phones during break are to be used for family issues only, not for talking with friends. Even though they are on a break, they are still on duty at the pool.

If it is raining or thundering, can my child go home after the pool is cleared of people?

No, once everyone is out of the pool, they can leave the pool deck and go to a covered area but must stay at their pool until their shift is over unless told otherwise by their Area Manager.

How many hours will my child work?

It averages out to approximately 30 hours a week over the course of the pool season. They can expect less hours at the beginning as everyone is available to work and there are less hours. As the summer progress, vacations and camps begin to pick up and additional hours become available.

What hours will my child be working?

Most pools open at either 10:00am or 11:00am. There are a lot of pools with morning and afternoon shifts. Shift times can range anywhere between 5-8 hours The schedules are made at random to be fair to everyone. We expect our staff to be available on any days they have not requested off.

Will my child be working alone at a pool?

It is possible as some of our pools require just one guard per shift. These pools are well-lit and the HOA’s work with us to make sure their pools provide a safe environment. There is an Area Manager in their area on duty or on call at all times. If your child is assigned to a single guard pool and you are concerned, you can have them contact you hourly as they take a break every hour.

What if my child is sick or has an emergency and cannot work their scheduled shift?

Once they are scheduled to work, it is their responsibility to find someone to cover their shift.  However, if they cannot work due to sickness or an emergency, they will need to contact their Area Manager immediately to let them know.  AMS Pools does have “on call guards” daily for these occasions.  All employees that call in sick are required to provide a doctors excuse within 48 hours.

How much will my child make per hour?

New guards start out at $11.00 per hour and Head guards at $11.75 per hour. Each guard, both new guard and Head Guard, that works through the end of the season will be rewarded with a 50 cents for every hour worked bonus (must meet end of season hour requirements to qualify for finishing the season; see AMS Manual for specifics). Both are also eligible for an additional 50 cents for every hour worked bonus (Elite Lifeguard Bonus) by meeting the standards in their AMS Manual and doing an excellent job consistently throughout the summer. In total, every guard is eligible for a $1.00 for every hour worked additional bonus (half of this for working through the entire season the other half earned through doing an exceptional job).

In summary, a first year lifeguard can earn up to $12.00 per hour / first year Head guard can earn up to $12.75 per hour, if they meet all requirements in the AMS manual.

Are they guaranteed a bonus at the end of the season?

Yes & No. Every lifeguard that works until the end of the season will be rewarded a bonus equaling 50 cents for every hour worked. Any lifeguard that quits, is let go, or does not work through the end of the season will not be rewarded with this first bonus. Everyone is also eligible for the opportunity to earn an additional 50 cents for every hour worked bonus (Elite Lifeguard Bonus). This bonus is not guaranteed and is a reward for doing an amazing job. It is based on several factors that we cover with all of our staff before the season begins. Bonus information is also contained in the AMS Manual provided at their 1st lifeguard sign up.

How are they paid and how often?

We pay all our employees through Direct Deposit. We strongly recommend that they open a checking or savings account if they do not already have one. They will need to complete their banking information during the ADP Workforce Now Onboarding process. We pay on a bi-weekly schedule. The pay period will end on a Sunday and payday is the Friday after the pay period ends.

Who do we contact with Payroll questions?

You can call the office 770-932-6389 or email our Office Manager at The office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. If you are unable to reach someone at the office, leave a voice mail and someone will get back with you by the next business day.